3 Sheets


Artistic Statement

Performance Goals

3 Sheets is committed to quality musical entertainment underpinned by an educational experience.  We seek to entertain an audience through high energy, high quality, original musical performance.  In doing so, we teach about the history of the music we present and make it memorable through humor.  3 Sheets seeks to expand the musical and cultural horizons of its audiences through its choices of music and the use of uncommon musical instruments.


3 Sheets composes and presents original music.  Our work is anchored in history and designed to appeal to contemporary listeners.  We are story tellers at heart.  Music is the vector of our stories.


3 Sheets uses humor to convey ideas and to help audiences recall the performance and the history we present.

Core Influences

3 Sheets takes its core musical influences from the Celtic nations and the age of sail.  Our motto is “from page to stage”.  We do original research on traditional music and deliver that art in arrangements that are compelling to contemporary audiences.